Analytics and Insights for Retail

Run your retail business efficiently with real-time insights into all key business drivers. You are empowered with the right data, at the right time, in the right form to ensure your success.

Utilise revenue, customer satisfaction, footfall, demography and other data sources to gain an indepth perspective of your business so that you can make the right decisions. Our Solutions are powered by cutting edge technology and superior design, with enhanced user experience and high reliability.


Manage your business with real-time insights into products, services, revenue and client health.


Run your business from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Get the information that is important to you to make the right decisions.


Engage with your employees and clients in real-time. Stay connected. Improve internal collaboration.


Your business decisions are based on data. Add AI to the mix, to provide you with the relevant information you need at the right time to move your business forward.

Revenue and Product Analytics

Get a real-time view of the movement of products and services within your business. Understand which products are in demand in which of your locations to assist with timely stock management activities. Get global revenue information of your organisation.

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Customer Satisfaction

Are your customers happy? What is causing their dissatisfaction?  Which locations have a higher rate of unhappy or happy customers? Are you able to answer these questions?  We can help.


Know Your Customer. Where are they located, what is their age group, what products are they looking for? Do you have the required information about your customers to make your business succeed?


AI Assistant

Free up your support team.  Let our AI Assistant help your customers with their purchase and product queries. Allow them to easily report issues. Respond to them 24/7.

Internal Communication 

Imagine the benefits to your business if your team was connected and updated in real-time irrespective of their gegraphicalm distribution. Meet our real-time communication channel. Welcome. Engage.


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